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Petroleum and Mining Contracts in Uganda: What lawyers need to pay attention to

Originally posted on Legal and Policy Review:
Recently I was asked to talk to a group of lawyer friends who would like to advance their knowledge in the extractive sector. Two of them had been approached by a prospecting company that wants to set up shop in Kampala. From our discussion it was clear that…

Land Rights and Compensation Issues in Uganda’s Oil Bearing Areas

Presentation by Shem Byakagaba, Executive Director Kitara Heritage Development Agency (KHEDA) at the Civil Society Coalition on Oil and Gas national oil conference in October 2013.  

Essential Reading: Africa Progress Report 2013

Africa’s economies have been riding the crest of a global commodity wave that could transform the continent’s prospects. The 2013 Africa Progress Report explains how this unprecedented chance could lift millions out of poverty and improve the prospects of generations to come. The report from the Africa Progress Panel sets out an agenda for maximising … Continue reading

Friday Fast Five: Your Guide to New Media – Deleting Your Digital Accounts

Originally posted on NABJDigital Blog:
Do you ever feel like logging out of the Internet on a permanent basis? Maybe your once favorite social media sites don’t seem that great anymore…Maybe you’ve got a pesky “catfish”? Whatever the reason, people often find themselves needing to delete their various Web accounts all at once. Below are…

Digital Forensics: Tools Newsrooms Can Use To Avoid Photo Manipulation

Originally posted on allDigitocracy:
By Tracie Powell It may sound like an episode of CSI (take your pick from the franchise), but journalists are using high-tech tools to combat photo manipulations, an increasingly needed skill in an era where news organizations are relying more and more on user-generated content. The rise of digital cameras and…

Mineral Project Appraisal and Finance

Presentation by Housing Finance Bank at the Mineral Wealth Conference 2013 in Kampala, Uganda.

Investment Trends and Opportunities in Uganda’s Mineral Sector

Presentation by Uganda Investment Authority Executive Director, Frank Sebbowa, at the Mineral Wealth Conference 2013.

Challenges of Mineral Exploration and Investment in Uganda

Presentation by East African Gold Limited at the Uganda mineral wealth conference 2013.

EITI Implementation in Uganda – Progress Report

Presentation by Godber Tumushabe, Executive Director Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE), at the Mineral Wealth Conference 2013.

Transforming Uganda’s Mineral Potential into Mineral Wealth

Presentation by Denis Kusasira, partner ABMAK Associates, at the Mineral Wealth Conference 2013.