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Friday Fast Five: Your Guide to New Media – Deleting Your Digital Accounts

Originally posted on NABJDigital Blog:
Do you ever feel like logging out of the Internet on a permanent basis? Maybe your once favorite social media sites don’t seem that great anymore…Maybe you’ve got a pesky “catfish”? Whatever the reason, people often find themselves needing to delete their various Web accounts all at once. Below are…

Digital Forensics: Tools Newsrooms Can Use To Avoid Photo Manipulation

Originally posted on allDigitocracy:
By Tracie Powell It may sound like an episode of CSI (take your pick from the franchise), but journalists are using high-tech tools to combat photo manipulations, an increasingly needed skill in an era where news organizations are relying more and more on user-generated content. The rise of digital cameras and…

New Guiding Principles for Journalists a big step forward (but they neglect linking)

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:
I like the new Guiding Principles for the Journalist, spelled out in the opening chapter of The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century. The overall concepts of these principles reflect the same core values as Bob Steele’s Guiding Principles from about 20 years ago, but also…

J-News Round Up – Knowledge-Based Reporting

J-News Round Up – Do Journalists need a Journalism Degree?

Ten Tips For Journalism Students

Originally posted on The Richard Jones Journalism Blog:
A new group of journalism students will soon be arriving at the University of Huddersfield, where I’ve now started work as a lecturer. Here’s a selection of ten pieces of advice I’d give any journalism student, to help them get the best out of themselves and their…

Advice for editors: Your newsroom is watching

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:
Today I want to call attention to a post by someone else: Are You Mad at Me? by Adam Bryant. It underscores how closely a newsroom watches the editor (or any workplace watches the boss): I learned a memorable lesson that day about how people can read so much…

Good Ideas for Good Journalism: Share Yours!

Chumba cha Habari is running a campaign to source for the best ideas to ensure excellent journalism in Uganda. Visit our Idea Scale page – http://chumbachahabari.ideascale.com – to submit an idea, promote an idea, vote for or against an idea on the best way to ensure journalistic excellence. IdeaScale.com can also serve as a great tool … Continue reading

Web-Based News Gathering Tools

News gathering in the digital age faces both opportunities and challenges. While the journalists can tap into more contents on the web, there is an issue with ‘discovery’; it is difficult to find the relevant, usable contents for journalistic coverage. Visit our special section today for platforms and tools that facilitate the easy search of online … Continue reading