Web-based News Gathering Resources

Digital JournalistNews gathering in the digital age faces both opportunities and challenges. While the journalists can tap into more contents on the web, there is an issue with ‘discovery’; it is difficult to find the relevant, usable contents for journalistic coverage.

The platforms and tools listed on this page facilitate an easy search of the (journalistic) online content.

The sources varies from curated news to raw crowdsourced text/audio-visual contents.

The news agency of the social media age. Storyful is a news gathering platform that curates updates from social media networks “to create a cohesive narrative around an event or topic.” Developed and used by journalists and media organizations, it also focuses on verifying breaking news from social networks.
This platform allows the creation of search databases. It is an open source data-sharing tool with built-in filter applications, tips for effective search results and help in building your database.


iWitness is a winner of 2011 Knight News Challenge which allows a user to discover geo-located tweets in realtime, and search through the archived tweets according to the date/time. It is an open source application and the code can be grabbed via Github.


Geofeedia (paid service) allows a user to search and monitor social media contents by location. A user can mark the location they want to gather crowd contents that are uploaded on Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Instagram and Picasa, and gather them realtime.


A map that provides information on the disease outbreaks and alerts. These are monitored real-time and are verified by a team of researchers and epidemiologists at Boston Children’s Hospital. Users can thus access a rich database of disease information that is geolocated.


Scoopinion is an add-on that analyses the online content that users read, and then filters other content that might be interesting. Journalists can furthermore use it to see which kind of stories “do well”.


A special YouTube blog that chronicles the way citizens use video to change the world, constructed in collaboration with Storyful. Also check News on YouTube .

This app lets a user to upload and embed a maximum of 6 seconds video (with/without sound) on a tweet or blog post. This tool was used by a witness of a fire in a neighbourhood of San Francisco, reflecting that the app could potentially act as a (audio)visual newsgathering tool for journalists.


Wochit is a platform that provides news sites with video reports, creating demand-videos every day (458 videos daily!). It can use footage from agencies like Reuters and Getty Images.


Suggest more web-based news gathering tools and resources for journalists by writing to Chumba cha Habari at info@acme-ug.org.




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